Allyship guides

Learn to be an ally to different marginalized groups with these allyship guides. All of the guides were made by the Grove Hubs to help educate our community. Below you will find guides on how to be a better ally to Indigenous, disability, 2SLGBTQ+, newcomers, Black and racialized communities.

Want to learn about how you can best support the black and racialized community? Learn about what it means to be an ally. Find out the barriers the Black and racialized communities face.

Work through the disability allyship workbook, learn new terms to further your knowledge on being a good ally!

Want to be a better ally to the 2SLGBTQ+ community through education? If so check out this allyship guide!

Coming into a new country can be scary, learn how you can best support new Canadians in your community!

Learn how you can be a good ally to the Indigenous community. Discover new terms that will help you become a better ally and deepen your understanding.

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