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Infinity Marketing and Design

Why did you take the pledge?

Centre-Wellington is a community built on various ways of life, and dynamics. As a business owner, I have found that this community is one who rallies behind each other, supporting one another and encouraging each other. The kindness pledge, I feel, encompasses all of that – but more. It’s about doing more for each other, and acknowledging our differences, but also our similarities.

Within our community we have businesses from various groups (minority and not) and banding together to say we support each other – regardless of how we started – is what makes this community so great.

What is one thing you are doing to make your community more kind and inclusive?

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Infinity Marketing & Design is the idea that no two businesses are the same. When it comes to preparing projects, we take the time to listen to you (the customer) and establish a way to best help you achieve your goal. With this pledge, the owner Ali, is going to look into ways she can assist minority business owners with achieving success in the digital world in different ways than before. Whether that’s at a discounted rate, or perhaps new courses offered in the ways of digital marketing.

Made Fur You

Why did you take the pledge?

MFY took this pledge because we want it to be a place where people can be comfortable in their bodies, talk comfortably to us and really express who they are! 

What are you doing to make your community more kind and inclusive?

We have always been involved in the furry LGBTQ2S+ community, where we maintain respect, support, and open minds to the changing world. We promise to continue this and educate peers are about being respectful and keeping your mind open.

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