About us

The kindness pledge was started in Centre Wellington, Ontario, Canada. The idea was formed after an incident involving a transgender individual being beaten up due to their gender identity. This accident was not an isolated incident. The idea of the pledge is to overpower the negativity that was surrounding Centre Wellington. The hope of the pledge is to create positive change through education and positivity.

Founder – Abby Graham (She/her)

Abby Graham, founded the kindness pledge in 2021 with the hope of creating a more kind and inclusive community to live in. She is a high school student at Centre Wellington District high school who is passionate about social justice and positive change. Abby is heavily involved in the community and has high hopes for the kindness pledge.

Website Manager – Shrey Shingala (He/him)

Shrey Shingala, joined the kindness pledge team in 2022 as a website manager, in order to use his skills to help increase inclusivity in his community. He is a high school student in Ontario and loves all things relating to technology. Shrey works hard for the kindness pledge to ensure that the technological aspects work effectively.


The Grove

The Grove has provided amazing support for Abby in the development of this project. Both Cyndy Forsyth and the youth ambassadors continue to be engaged within the pledge.

The Grove Wellington Guelph is a one-stop-shop for youth wellness in Wellington Guelph. We are proud partners of Abby Graham’s Kindness Pledge. The Grove empowers youth to raise their voices and create change in their communities. Abby’s initiative is an excellent example of a youth making a difference.

For more information on The Grove please visit our website at www.thegrovehubs.ca or you can reach us at 1-888-434-7683

The letter M Marketing – Doug MacMillan

Doug has been a tremendous help during this project, letter M donated the money for this wonderful site. Doug also has been a big help developing marketing strategies for the project and guided Abby through the marketing process.

Pearl Street Communications – Curt Hammond

Curt helped to develop the pledge into what it is today. His valuable contributions and the support of his company have helped evolve the idea into action.

Pearl Street Communications is proud to be supporting the Kindness Pledge. We have had the pleasure of working with Abby and helping her develop this powerful idea, partly inspired by the Hate Has No Home Here campaign we were involved with in the summer of 2021.

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