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Creating a kind and inclusive community

Be mindful of language

As our world evolves so does our language. Stop using language that is hurtful and offensive to certain groups of people. If a word or phrase seems wrong, it probably is. If you do accidentally slip up, quickly correct yourself and acknowledge that the choice of words was wrong then move on. Check our website for additional resources!

Respect others’ identities

Respect other people’s personal pronouns and names. If someone close to you changes their name or pronoun respect their decision and change your language to their new pronoun and name. If you accidentally call someone by the wrong name or pronoun correct yourself and move on.

Educate yourself

It’s important to educate yourself on being a good ally for marginalized groups. Educating your staff/group can help eliminate microaggressions, which are phrases or ideas that might not seem harmful but can be very hurtful to people. Make sure your education is coming from credible sources and is not just someone’s personal opinion.

Identify and acknowledge privilege and unconscious bias

If you catch yourself viewing a situation a certain way, ask yourself “why do I think this?” It’s also good to think about the privilege you have before judging someone for their choices.

Speak up but not over others

Speak up when you see others being discriminated against. Use your voice to advocate for equity in our community. Although it’s great to speak up, do not speak over marginalized groups when talking about equity for them.

Individual pledge

I pledge to do my best to make my community more safe and inclusive.

I will take responsibility for my actions and do my best to educate myself for the better of others.

I understand that in making everyone feel included I will need to speak up but not over others.

I pledge to stand up against transphobia, homophobia, racism, ableism, sexism and xenophobia.

Above all, I pledge to spread kindness above hate and to create a more inclusive community!


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